Tulsa Rat Exterminator

Tulsa Rat Exterminator

Tulsa Rat Exterminator


Do you think you need a rat exterminator? Homemakers or housekeepers are usually the ones who notice rats living in the home. Other members of the household are usually too preoccupied with work to see the signs of a rat infestation. Once you have established the presence of rats on your premises, pest control is in order.


Below are the sure signs of rat infestation:


Rub markings. These are smudges of dirt and grease left behind from the bodies of rats. These rodents have poor vision, so they establish routes along walls and baseboards. Because they walk very close to these surfaces, they rub against them, leaving smudges


Scratching sounds. Black species of rats are great climbers. They are usually located in lofts. Their constant movement produces scratching noises in the evening. Brown rats are usually identified by the grinding sounds they produce using their teeth.


Footprints. Rats move around all the time and they leave tail and foot marks in often forgotten and dusty areas of structures. You can perform a test if your house is infested with rats by sprinkling some powder or flour near the footprints you saw earlier. Check that area for fresh prints daily.


Rat droppings. Look for small, dark brown droppings the size of a large grain of rice, tapered and shaped like spindles. They are usually found in clusters in very specific areas around the house. Rats can leave about 40 pieces of droppings every night.


Rat nests. Generally, rats shred soft materials such as cardboard, paper, and insulation so that they can build their nests. You can find rat nests under eaves, cavity walls, lofts, attics, or cabinets.


Rat holes. Brown species of rats are famous for the burrow system they use for nesting, shelter, and food storage. Take note that rats build their burrows right next to solid structures.


You can also check your garage, decking, drains, sheds, compost bins, and vegetation for the presence of these signs. If you have established the presence of rats, it is best to hire pest control professionals or a licensed rat exterminator. Please call us at 918-437-7378 so that we could deal with your rat problem immediately.