Tulsa Bed Bug Treatment

Tulsa Bed Bug Treatment

Tulsa Bed Bug Treatment


Constant travel is fun but professional bed bug treatment usually waits for you when you get home. Staying at hotels, cabins, motels, or even just camping out can subject you to unseen nightly visitors called bed bugs.


When your house gets infested by bed bugs, you need to consider pest control. Bed bugs are brown, minute, oval insects that feed on human or animal blood. Adult bed bugs have flat, broad bodies that resemble an apple seed. When they become full, they swell up and redden. They can move swiftly on ceilings, walls, and floors. Females lay tiny eggs by the hundreds. Nymphs, immature bed bugs, shed their skin about five times, requiring blood before every shedding. They also produce at least three generations each year.


Hiding Places for Bed Bugs


Moving from one hotel to another makes it easier for bed bugs to infest your home. From the infested hotel, they can enter your luggage and stay there. Then they transfer to your house to hide in your couches, headboards, bed frames, mattresses, rugs, light switches, and clothes. Their bodies are flat, so they can fit effortlessly into the tiniest spaces as thin as a debit card. When evening comes, they crawl out to seek immediate sources of their blood meal.


Bedbugs Definitely Bite


Bedbugs are nocturnal creatures, waiting for nighttime to creep out and feed. They target people and pets while they sleep. Bedbugs pierce the skin and then use their long mouths to withdraw blood. They do this for three to ten minutes. When they are engorged, they stop and crawl away. Bedbug bites might be initially painless but eventually, they become welts without a red spot in the center.


Signs of Bedbug Infestation


Waking up feeling itchy in areas of your body that didn’t itch before bedtime may be a sign that you have bedbugs. Consider this if you just acquired a used piece of furniture or a used mattress when the itching started. The following are other signs of bedbug infestation: Rusty or dark spots (bedbug excrement) on your walls, bedclothes, sheets, and mattresses Bloodstains on pillowcases or your bedsheets Musty, pungent odor from the scent glands of bedbugs Bedbug shed skins and eggshells in areas where the bedbugs hide


You need pest control if you want to get rid of your bedbug problem. An extensive bed bug treatment must be performed to eradicate these blood-thirsty creatures. If you are presently in need of professional pest intervention, feel free to call us now at 918-437-7378.