Termite Inspection in Claremore

Termite Inspections in Claremore

Why is Termite Inspection in Claremore Essential?


Ongoing termite inspections are an essential aspect of home ownership. Otherwise, they can do serious damage to your home from the inside out. Repairing that damage can cost big bucks. Why wait until termites are merrily dining in your home?


Prevention is not only the best cure for medical conditions, it also applies to home maintenance. The time to call for a termite inspection is before you find signs of termites at work. Truth is, you may never see the signs until your hardwood floors buckle or blister, which means termites have damaged your subfloor. By that time the termites will have done major hidden damage.


To the inexperienced eye, the termite swarm is a scary business. But chances are, it is the only time you will see them. They typically hide in walls where wood is located. A termite swarm generally lasts about 30 minutes. They evacuate walls, baseboards, etc. through tiny exit holes made by worker termites. Termites fly in tandem toward sources of light and gather at glass patio doors or windows.


It’s a blessing if you’re not home when termites swarm. They will leave a massive mess in their wake. You’re likely to find piles of termite wings or even dead termites on windowsills or scattered on the floor near the sliding glass door. In this event, call for professional help. Quick.


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Pest control technicians seek, find and eradicate all the wood-destroying insects. Savvy homeowners set up termite prevention services on a semi-annual basis. In the long run, it is cheaper to invest in termite prevention rather than thinking it could never happen to you. Experts say that it is not a matter or if termites will invade your home, it’s when.