Termite Control Tulsa

Termite Control

Termite Control in Tulsa Through Early Detection


What do you know about Termite Control in Tulsa? Your home is likely the single biggest investment you will make in your lifetime and as such, it is something you want to protect. You probably already understand a great deal about maintenance, such as annual roof inspections and monitoring your wiring, plumbing, and appliances, but are you monitoring for termites?


One of the best methods of termite control is actually early detection, but that can be easier said than done. How often have you ever seen an actual termite? You may have seen the damage they can do or remnants of their last meal but probably not the bug itself. Termites, as a whole, pretty much avoid human interaction, their home and by extension, source of sustenance is most often hidden from direct sight. A lot of homeowners will get a technician on the phone when they notice a huge swarm of termites. Unfortunately, the damage is generally done as the colony is moving off to find better accommodations.


Your best bet for protecting your lifelong investment is an inspection by qualified professionals. Pest control specialists are trained to spot even the smallest indicators of all kinds of bugs, particularly those that are not merely pests but destructive forces like termites. For a nominal fee, they will come out and inspect your property and put a preventative in place, along with instructing you on properly maintaining the area around your foundation for best results.


Termite control can be as simple as an annual inspection and regular preventative measures (keeping wood dry, trimming back shrubs, and fixing any leaks immediately), but too often homeowners wait until they see tell tale signs, and find they not only have to pay more for treatments they now have costly home repairs to make as well. If you own your home or are purchasing a new home call us today at 918-437-7378, for your termite control estimate.