Mice Control Tulsa

Mice Control Tulsa

Rat and Mice Control


Do you feel like you need mice control in Tulsa? When you hear some squeaking or scratching, and then see a small, fleeting shadow whip by your feet when you are making coffee or watching TV, you might need mice or rat control.


Mice and rats prefer to live wherever humans do, whether it’s the countryside or the city. The primary reasons are food and warmth. Rodents have always followed humans in almost every corner of the world because they are good sources of water, food, and shelter. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor. They will always be connected to humans.


Unfortunately, these rodents are considered a threat to everybody’s health. They also hinder physical and economic well-being for the following reasons:


They burrow and gnaw through appliances, strictures, furniture, and books.

Investing in items for your work or for your home takes time, especially with significant things like sofas, beds, and appliances. Food in the pantry is also important to have every day. When mice and rats eat through all of them, you need to replace everything all the time. At first, it would only set you back a few dollars, but as the rodent population gets bigger, you will eventually face hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages every month.


They carry diseases.

Rodents are carriers of pathogens that cause hantavirus, bubonic plague, trichinosis, rat-bite fever, typhus, rat mite dermatitis, pulmonary fever, asthma, and salmonellosis.


They eat a lot of food.

Rats and mice need to chew constantly. They gnaw on everything to build nests and to get food for their little families. Pretty soon, your pantry will run out of food because of their constant visits.


They contaminate food and water with their hair, urine, and feces.

Because these rodents pay regular visits to your food and water supply, they will leave their feces, hair, and urine behind, contaminating them and putting your health at risk.


They bite people, especially old people and helpless infants.

When infants, children, and adults sleep, some rodents bite them. Infants are especially vulnerable because of the smell of milk on them.


Your home needs rat control once you see evidence of their presence. It can be overwhelming and stressful. Mice control professionals like us are willing to help. Please feel free to give us a call today at 918-437-7378.