Claremore Termite Treatment

Claremore Termite Treatment

Claremore Termite Treatment


Does your house need termite treatment? Homes that have a significant amount of wood in them are extremely attractive to termites. Like ants, termites are organized insects. They feed on cellulose-rich substances and wood. Termites threaten the integrity of business and residential properties that are made of timber. Worker termites are the main destroyers because they build nests, dig tunnels, and gather food. The queens breed in the nests and they produce a lot of eggs daily. It is vital for the termite nest to be found and destroyed to control the population significantly.


Why People Don’t Want Termites in their Homes


As you already know, billions of dollars worth of property damage are caused by termites in the United States alone. Termites eat wood, but they also consume insulation, filtration systems, books, paper, and even swimming pool liners. They can even target living, healthy woody plants and declining ones as well.

It is truly challenging to see winged termites coming out of the crevices of your home. The thought of having these voracious wood-eaters quietly destroying your life’s investment is heartbreaking.


Termite Inspection


A good termite inspection ensures that your property is termite-free. This is important if you want to purchase a new property or if you are maintaining the structure you just acquired. Wood can be found in the house’s fittings, flooring, roof eaves, pergolas, walls, fences, and stairs.


A thorough inspection for termites involves several techniques such as moisture meters, visual inspection, thermal imaging cameras, and fiber optic devices. These gadgets enable anyone to find termite activity concealed in the crevices of the walls without tearing them down.


Termite Control


If the property has a termite infestation, remedial treatment is necessary and it may involve the chemical barrier method, which uses bait. Barrier treatments are effective in preventing termite infestation. It also makes use of chemicals, which are applied to the nest, killing the termites off.


Once you found signs of termite presence on your property, you should contact pest control services. For professional termite treatment, be sure to drop us a line at 918-437-7378 today.