Bed Bug Removal in Owasso

Bed Bug Removal in Owasso

Bed Bug Removal DIY or Professional Services?


Effective bed bug removal in Owasso is a complex and rarely successful do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Nevertheless, it’s tempting to go the DIY route to eradicate bed bug infestation, if you believe professional pest control isn’t budget-friendly.


However, if your DIY attempts fail, don’t make the mistake of procrastinating. Wait too long to reach out for professional help and your bed bug problem will escalate. Even though bed bugs are wingless, they can quickly crawl out of your bedroom and take up residence in other rooms of your home.


Females can lay from 3-5 eggs daily. Baby bed bugs (nymphs) reach maturity in about a month. Their average lifespan is from seven to 12 months. Bed bugs hide in places such as carpets, soft furnishings, and the headboards and box springs of your bed.


It takes an experienced eye to find all the bed bug hide holes. A pest control technician effectively handles bed bug removal, including their nests and nymphs.


Depending upon the degree of the infestation, your pest control technician must likely make 2-3 visits to ensure the entire bed bug population is eradicated.


Even in our enlightened society, the common myth prevails that bed bugs are caused by filth. Bed bugs do not discriminate. These unwelcome guests depend entirely on human blood or, in desperation, animal blood. They don’t have care whether your home is messy or clean.


Bed bugs congregate in spaces where many humans come and go, such as hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, apartments, and public transportation vehicles. If you have bed bugs in your home, chances are, they hitched a ride in your luggage or clothing when you traveled on a train or plane, spent the night at a hotel, or even went to the movies.


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